With Community Support, Stevens Is Responsive to Our Concerns with the Gateway Complex

Representatives from Stevens recently met with the HSA Steering Committee to present proposed revisions to their Gateway Complex project.  We are pleased to report that Stevens is being responsive to many of the concerns we voiced, specifically addressing building height, setback, location of mechanicals, and building facade. We are in discussions with Stevens to obtain detailed clarification of their plan, including their plan for parking.  The current expectation is that Stevens will present their revised plans for the Gateway Complex to the Hoboken Zoning Board sometime in the first quarter of 2015, after publicly sharing their Master Plan for future development.  The HSA Steering Committee will continue to actively monitor and address the situation as it evolves to ensure appropriate development for our community.

From the strong response we received to our petition, it is clear that the community and property owners in Hoboken are concerned and want to be actively engaged in the development in our town, especially when it concerns proposals such as Stevens seeking zoning variances for 97-foot tall buildings in a 40-foot zoned residential neighborhood. Your petition signatures and support, now and in the future, will be what ensures responsible development and a sustained quality of life in Hoboken.  Thanks for your support!