The Stevens Gateway Complex Before the Hoboken Zoning Board

Stevens continued their testimony on the Gateway Complex project on Hudson and 6th Street before the Zoning Board on Tuesday, April 14th, with two witnesses presenting. The Stevens site engineer was challenged with the water drainage/management plan ,as well as the specifics of the plan to pursue LEED gold certification, and whether blasting would be required of the rock substrate to build the proposed basement floor. The impact of the proposed project on traffic and parking was another major area of questioning to the Stevens’ witness on this topic. The public and the board expressed concern over the capacity of the Hoboken public garages to absorb additional Stevens cars without negatively impacting residents’ and visitors’ access, as well as Sinatra Drive access to the new Babbio garage during street festivals. Frequency of shuttle bus traffic was also discussed. The Board suggested that Stevens work with City engineers to address these open questions.

Stevens was requested to do additional homework on the issues raised before their next appearance before the Zoning Board on June 16th, at which time two additional witnesses will testify.

There were a number of other detailed questions which could not be answered during the meeting that Stevens indicated would be answered either before or at the next zoning meeting.

We strongly encourage everyone to come and share their viewpoints on June 16th.

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